Kapiti Food Bank volunteer Gay Graham unpacks food donated by Kapiti Community Corrections.Kapiti Community Food Bank’s shelves were re-stocked with a large donation of food items from Kapiti Community Corrections staff on Thursday.

The donation included a large fruit box of tinned and dried goods, including muesli bars and pasta, as well as several shopping bags of kitchen basics.

Probation Officer Michelle Bussey says staff make several large donations to the Food Bank a year.

“We’re part of the community, and we’re happy to contribute to make a difference to the lives of Kapiti residents.”

“We check on offenders’ well-being when we’re managing them and during discussions if there seems to be a need we advise them where they can go for extra support.”

Gay Graham, Food Bank volunteer was grateful for the donation; “It’s a marvellous donation, thank you very much.”

She also said as well as food, the Food Bank also needs cleaning products, nappies and sanitary items. “Anything you use, we need.” To donate to the food bank, visit kapitifoodbank.co.nz or call 298 1907.  Kapiti Community Food Bank is near the Kapiti Expressway on/off ramps at 92-94 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu.