Sentences and orders

Offenders who are on probation are able to serve their sentences and/or carry out the orders imposed on them while remaining in the community. 

There are a range of sentences and orders that can be imposed, for example, community work, community detention, home detention and supervision. Each sentence/order has standard and/or specific conditions that offenders must comply with.


  • Holding offenders to account

    Corrections is responsible for ensuring that offenders comply with their sentences and orders, and to hold offenders to account when they do not.

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  • Community work

    Community work is when offenders do unpaid work in the community to pay something back for the offence they have committed.

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  • Community detention

    Community detention is a punitive sentence that restricts an offender's movements during their curfew. It requires an offender to remain at an approved residence at certain times specified by the court.

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  • Supervision

    Supervision is a community-based rehabilitation sentence that requires offenders to address the causes of their offending through targeted programmes.

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  • Home detention and post detention conditions

    Home detention is a sentence that requires an offender to remain at a suitable and approved residence at all times unless their probation officer has approved their absence.

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  • Intensive supervision

    Intensive supervision is a community-based rehabilitative sentence. It's imposed if the Court thinks a sentence of intensive supervision would reduce the likelihood of further offending through the rehabilitation and reintegration of the offender.

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  • Returning offenders order

    Returning offenders orders allow Corrections to supervise people returning to New Zealand who have been imprisoned overseas.

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