Before sentencing

The courts impose sentences on offenders and Corrections is responsible for overseeing these sentences.

  • Pre-sentence reports

    Probation officers in court provide the judge, when requested, with as much information as possible about a person who has been convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment.

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  • Legal aid

    Legal aid is available for people who can't afford a lawyer. People who get legal aid may have to repay part or all of their legal aid costs.

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  • Remand

    Remand is holding someone in custody while they wait for their trial or sentencing.

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  • Courts

    A criminal case begins when the police, or another prosecuting authority, accuse someone of breaking the law.

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  • Types of sentences

    A sentence is a punishment given by a judge. A prison sentence is the most punitive sentence a judge can impose.

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  • Electronic Monitoring on Bail (EM bail)

    EM bail is available for suitable defendants who would otherwise continue to be held in custody, in prison, while they wait for a court hearing.

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