Our privacy commitment

The Department of Corrections obtains personal information to help meet our legal functions to improve public safety and reduce re-offending.

Corrections is committed to ensuring the privacy, security, and confidentiality of all the information we hold.

We recognise that all personal information relates to real people and we expect our staff to take proper care of it.

We are accountable for the collection, use, storage and distribution of information about individuals and organisations.

We ensure:

  • privacy by collecting only the information we need and using it only for legitimate purposes
  • security by keeping data safe from unauthorised access and use
  • confidentiality by only releasing identified personal information where there is a lawful purpose

Meeting our obligations

We liaise with the Privacy Commissioner, the Government Chief Information Officer and the Government Chief Privacy Officer to ensure that we follow ‘better practice’.

We always work to meet the privacy principles of the Privacy Act and Health Information Privacy Code, as well as the privacy and security measures we apply to govern our management of information.

Any concerns or questions about information privacy or security can be raised with your local Corrections office or with our Chief Privacy Officer at info@corrections.govt.nz or Private Box 1206, Wellington 6140.

Your privacy and our website

Each time you come to our websites, www.corrections.govt.nz and frontlinejobs.corrections.govt.nz, we collect basic technical information such as your domain name, referral data, and browser type.

We use this information for website management and statistical purposes only. We do not use it to identify individual users.

You can voluntarily provide personal information through our enquiries and publications requests page. You can ask for details of this personal information we hold, and request corrections to it, by contacting info@corrections.govt.nz.  Any information you provide to us will not be shared with any other person in a form that will identify you, except where:

  • you consent
  • it is required or permitted by the Privacy Act
  • otherwise permitted by law.