Detector dog Dug with his pal detector dog LokiA wrong turn taken by a visitor to Spring Hill Corrections Facility has led to their arrest after cannabis, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia were found in their car.

Corrections staff became suspicious after the vehicle drove into a staff carpark at the prison, and then attempted to drive straight through a checkpoint where vehicles were being searched for contraband.

“The car was stopped and staff asked the occupants to get out so that detector dog Dug could be deployed to sniff out anything suspicious,” says Prison Director, Chris Lightbown.

“Dug indicated in four spots in the car, alerting staff to the presence of drugs.”

When staff carried out a further search, they found cannabis and methamphetamine inside a pencil case and a purse. They also located a bag in the back of the car holding five smaller bags of cannabis, three small bags containing cannabis residue, a glass pipe and two devices for smoking cannabis. In total ten grams of cannabis and three grams of methamphetamine were found.

“This was a fantastic find by the team, which potentially prevented contraband from getting into the hands of prisoners,” says Mr Lightbown.

“Prisoners affected by drugs can pose a significant risk to the safety of our staff and other prisoners. Drug use also prevents prisoners from taking part in the education, employment and rehabilitation opportunities that help prepare them for life outside of prison.”

The occupants of the vehicle were arrested and Police were called.

“We go to significant lengths to prevent contraband getting into prisons. Anyone who visits our sites with prohibited items will be held to account.